As a performing artist and choreographer, I strive to craft immersive art experiences through experimental modern dance, unique uses of venue space, abstract art installations, dance on film and inventive collaborations with sound designers, musicians, dancers, mixed-media artists and filmmakers. My goal is to create a performance that sparks the audience into a present moment exploration of self that allows them to experience satisfying moments of reflection and inner awareness. In order to generate this meditative experience, I share a complete, original vision that is executed with professional quality technical skill by all artists involved. The methods used to create these enveloping dance experiences include dance improvisation, movement meditation, collaboration with my artistic team and time allotted to the art of pondering on the seed of an idea. First, I focus on the mood or essence of how I want the piece to feel. Second, after allowing time for ideas to come and go, evolve and settle into a groundwork, I go into the studio and practice movement meditations and improvisations alone and with the dancers. The material created from these improvisations is then edited, rearranged and ultimately set to an original score which is created to support the developed movement material. Finally, I move into the venue space where staging, costumes, lights and art installations are established for the final performance run.

Waltzing In-Between (Coming 2021)

the little house i planned (2021 screendance)

Dance, Oh My Soul! with Leif Anderson (COAST DANCEfest 2019)

Aloneliness: a screendance (2018)

a hush (Ocean Springs, MS 2017)

Aloneliness (Ocean Springs, MS 2016)

Movement is BORN w/ Leif Anderson (WAMA 2017)

40 Years Between Us w/ Leif Anderson (FDF 2016)

1200 Square Foot Dances (dance film series)

Outdoor Dances (dance film series)

If It Suddenly Rains (Biloxi, MS 2014)

Bach & Dance (Biloxi, MS 2014)

Ever So... (New Orleans, LA 2013)

The Betty Dance (New Orleans, LA 2013)

petite bash (Brooklyn, NY 2012)

Whatever You Think is Best (Brooklyn, NY 2011)

Dance in 59 Seconds (Brooklyn, NY 2010)

Love Letters (Valdosta, GA 2007)

At the Crossroads of Salem Hill and Canterbury Falls (Valdosta, GA 2006)

Under an Orange Polka Dot Sky (Valdosta, GA 2005)

Press Article: We Are Moving Stories - Aloneliness: a screendance 

Press Article: Summer Baldwin awarded MAC Artist Fellowship Grant

Press Article: Sun Herald 'Aloneliness' offers immersive art experience

Press Article: News with a Twist New Orleans: The Betty Dance

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