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Find My Light Activity Book Series Vol. 1: I Can Be Calm


Help kids navigate mindfulness, big emotions, self-help tools and independent calming strategies all in the comfort of your own home! This creative, exploration book encourages imagination, creativity, self-empowerment and self-help through fun, interactive activities. It can be done independently by children ages 8+, with an adult for ages 4-7, with a teacher inside a classroom for all ages or even with the whole family at home.


*Digital PDF Download*


What's Inside:


- Care Taker/Teacher Guide


- Secret Calming Exercise Messages


- 15 Mindfulness Explorations/Activities

Exploration 1: Safety

Exploration 2: Joy

Exploration 3: Peace

Exploration 4: Feelings

Exploration 5: 5 Senses

Exploration 6: Gratitude

Exploration 7: Exercise

Exploration 8: Dance

Exploration 9: Kindness

Exploration 10: Positive Self-Talk

Exploration 11: Calm

Exploration 12: My Support Circle

Exploration 13: Breathe

Exploration 14: Self-Care

My Feel Better Checklist

My Heart and Mind First Aid Kit

I Can Be Calm

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